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Guilded Lilies

Hardcore Girls Having Fun

Guilded Lilies: Alliance Guild on Moonglade EU
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This is the LJ community for Guilded Lilies, an all-girls Alliance Warcraft guild on Moonglade.

The genesis of this guild was related to the alts-in-raiding-guilds issue: alts in most serious raiding guilds aren't welcome in 40-man instances, and they can't compete for drops with mains (fair enough). But when you put all of the time into a character to level her, when you live with her for that many hours, it would be nice for her to see some action. :)

And so, on to what I see as the basic concepts behind the guild:

1. It's a girls guild. I don't think we need to force people to "prove" that they're female by speaking on TS or anything, but please try to actually be female. If a male slips through and maintains a fiction of living and playing as a girl, I don't really care...it is a roleplaying server, and if your character is a male living as a female AND the rest of us never find out...then no harm done. But the idea is to have a strong all-girl guild, working together to level and then do endgame instances, having fun and helping each other along the way.

2. It is an alt-friendly guild. We'll try to work around raid nights where possible. Over time, if we build what I hope to, this will eventually become of equal importance, or more important, than present guilds.

3. The purpose of being in a guild is to have a sense of community, to make friends, and to help each other. This is a prerequisite for being in the guild.

So, post and let me know if you're interested in joining, what your experience on your main has been, and what alts you'd be willing to transfer or start. And welcome!