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17 August 2006 @ 12:44 pm
Ravvendhu will be online tonight (Thursday) for a while - stop by Stormwind, say hi, and sign the guild charter. :) As soon as I have enough signatures, I'll probably switch to Kitsunecho, if she's playable (just did the transfer this morning, and according to Blizz account services she and Catweazel have been transferred - amazing service, if so!). Let's all take some time to settle in, and then maybe meet up sometime on the weekend?

Think about the backstory for the guild - post on the entry below! Post your character intros, as well. I'll set up the forums and the site this weekend, and will look forward to expanding that - picture galleries, etc. I'll also see what's involved in setting up a Teamspeak server, doing a guild roster, etc.

Looking forward to it...
16 August 2006 @ 11:16 am
As we get more people in the guild, we're going to need people to handle different areas.

First, the present holder of the guild charter, and the character that you need to talk to to sign up, is Ravvendhu, who is presently in Stormwind. She'll be the bank alt.

Social Leader:
We'll need someone to organise social events and fun roleplaying ideas. Any takers?

Raid Leader:
When we have enough members together to start doing dungeons and instances together, we'll need a raid leader - probably someone with extensive endgame experience, who knows how successful runs are led.

One or several people who can handle recruitment in different areas. We'll have to discuss the problem of how to recruit (no one goes in the guild recruitment channel, everyone posts in LFG, but that's spamming).

What else do we need, and what would you like to do?
16 August 2006 @ 11:08 am
First of all, I've never done roleplaying, never played on a RP realm, so I admit that my understanding of RP realms is extremely hazy. ;) In the spirit of roleplaying, however, we probably need a backstory for the guild - any ideas?

My only idea was that since it is a girl guild, there has to be a reason for us to be banding together and helping each other. But what? And, do we set a home area to meet - an inn in one of the capital cities? Which one?

And as for backstory on each character, post an intro post if desired. :)
15 August 2006 @ 01:14 pm
Guilded Lilies is an all-girls alliance guild on Moonglade, a European RP realm. The genesis of this guild was related to the alts-in-raiding-guilds issue: alts in most serious raiding guilds aren't welcome in 40-man instances, and they can't compete for drops with mains (fair enough). But when you put all of the time into a character to level her, when you live with her for that many hours, it would be nice for her to see some action. :)

And so, on to what I see as the basic concepts behind the guild:

1. It's a girls guild. I don't think we need to force people to "prove" that they're female by speaking on TS or anything, but please try to actually be female. If a male slips through and maintains a fiction of living and playing as a girl, I don't really care...it is a roleplaying server, and if your character is a male living as a female AND the rest of us never find out...then no harm done. But the idea is to have a strong all-girl guild, working together to level and then do endgame instances, having fun and helping each other along the way.

2. It is an alt-friendly guild. We'll try to work around raid nights where possible. Over time, if we build what I hope to, this will eventually become of equal importance, or more important, than present guilds.

3. The purpose of being in a guild is to have a sense of community, to make friends, and to help each other. This is a prerequisite for being in the guild.

So, post and let me know if you're interested in joining, what your experience on your main has been, and what alts you'd be willing to transfer or start. And welcome!
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